Graphic Novel Review for Shackleton: Antarctic Odyssey

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May 3, 2014 by I SNIFF BOOKS - Beth


Shackleton:  Antarctic Odyssey is a great addition to the non-fiction graphic novel genre.  It’s a great read. Author Bertozzi fully discloses that “…some details of the story are compressed for dramatic reasons. The book should have been three hundred pages, but then my hand would have fallen off.”  This is to be expected, especially due to the graphic novel format, but yet at times I was a bit confused.  However, the way the  story is told, you feel like a member of Shackleton’s Imperial TransAntarctic Expedition. You are right there with his men, watching the story unfold panel by panel.

The book itself is quite lovely to the eye and on the First Second Books blog, there are some very nice previews of the book flaps, inside cover art work, and a few pages of the book.

The last page contains a source list and despite some of the publication dates being “old,” for example 1931 and 1940, I checked online and both titles are still available purchase and are not out-of-print.  A true testament that people are still interested Shackleton and Antarctic expeditions.

Also, this title is being released just in time to celebrate the 100th anniversary of this expedition, which will be in August!  Not sure if that was planned, but isn’t nice when little small nerd details work out that way?

This book would be good for someone of any age who is curious about Shackleton and Antarctic expeditions.  The book definitely whets the appetite for further reading, although, truth be told, there are no suggestions for further reading other than the source list provided that Bertozzi consulted to create this work (7 publications, 1 museum website, and 9 website addresses of which only 2 will direct you to a very specific page).

Disclosure:  I received a review copy of Shackleton:  Antarctic Odyssey from the publisher, First Second Books.


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