Graphic Novel Review: The Everlasting Return

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June 21, 2014 by Beth - I SNIFF BOOKS blog

the everlasting return coverThe Everlasting Return by L.E. Mullin and published by Zetabella.  ISBN 978-1927384060. Page count:  94. Paperback.  Book size is nearly 7″ x 10″.

synopsis:  In this fantasy graphic novel Eight-year-old Jack West has a frightening neighbor: the mysterious Mr. Beegle, who is the spitting image mR mILDEW, the villain from a novel written by Jack’s late grandfather. Jack’s meeting with Mr. Beegle starts a magical journey in which the death, and even life, of his grandfather comes into question. Fact and fiction become intertwined and, increasingly, the only thing that can be counted upon is the imminent end of the world.

I was hooked from the first panel (click all images to enlarge) and the rest of the comic did not disappoint!  I adore the color palette and art style, it lends such a retro vibe.  Some of the comic panels are monochromatic, but most use a limited color palette — both in my opinion only bring greater attention to the art and enhance the mood of the story.  In some of the panels specific people/objects are in sharp focus while others are deliberately less detailed or blurred — it’s just a really cool effect.  While reading the story, when I came to the panel with the glass walls (page 27), I got giddy — especially because there is much more! Such a brilliant and imaginative concept! So much so that I lifted my head from the book and loudly proclaimed my excitement about this which piqued my husband’s interest who was reading in the same room as me.  The end was a bit of a surprise and it gives you lots to think about.  I really don’t understand why there aren’t more reviews online for this particular title — it’s a unique and amazing story and is not to be missed!  It’s a bummer that L.E. Mullin, to my knowledge, has not published anything else for us to read next!  (And to clarify, The Everlasting Return is a stand alone graphic novel.)

Physical copies available for purchase at AmazonBarnes & Noble or purchase in PDF format from the publisher.  And check your local comic book shop!

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary review copy from Zetabella.  The opinions are my own.


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