Review of Hieronymus B. by Ulf K.


October 26, 2014 by Beth - I SNIFF BOOKS blog

hieronymus b coverHIERONYMUS B. (a comic collection from 1997-2007) by Ulf K. and published by Top Shelf Productions.  Hardcover sized 7.5″ x 5.5″ with black and white illustrations. 64 pages. Publication date March 11, 2008.

HIERONYMUS B. is one of five comics I picked up during Top Shelf Comix’s crazy sale in September for just $3 (!!). The collection features several vignettes (or adventures) of Heironymus B.  Not all the vignettes are titled but it is easy to tell when they end because Ulf K. signs the last panel.

Although the collection is short, at around 60 or so pages, it did take me some time to “read” it because I spent time studying each panel — the black and white illustrations are super awesome. There really isn’t any dialogue — or a plot for that matter — just occasional clever speech bubbles with a ? or ! or an ideogram.  The comics of Hieronymus B. as a whole present a wonderful blur between fantasy and reality.  I’ll definitely be checking to see if Ulf K. has other works that have been translated into English and are available in the USA.

HIERONYMUS B. is not available to be purchased as new from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, but you can buy a copy directly from the publisher and also view a 9-page preview.

Hieronymus B by Ulf K - page 38

Hieronymus B by Ulf K – page 38

Hieronymus B by Ulf K - page 40

Hieronymus B by Ulf K – page 40


2 thoughts on “Review of Hieronymus B. by Ulf K.

  1. ekatemari says:

    This looks neat! Have you read (or “read”) Shaun Tan’s ‘Arrival’? It similarly doesn’t use any words, but is absolutely gorgeous in its story telling…

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