Review of Harry Potter Film Wizardry

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February 27, 2015 by Beth - I SNIFF BOOKS blog

cover HP film wizardryHarry Potter Film Wizardry is most definitely a stunning book. And in the hands of the right person, it would make for a very enthralling fan-girl or fan-boy behind-the-scenes movie experience.

However for me, I LOVE the Harry Potter books so much more than the movies — the books just capture and convey so much EVERYTHING in a way that the movies can’t. I don’t know who David Thewlis is (ha ha) but Professor Lupin sums up my sentiments exactly:

“A huge fan of the Harry Potter books, David [Thewlis as Remus Lupin] would often refer to them for insights into his character and the story. ‘We’d always have the books on set,’ he says, ‘There is so much more in the book, and I was always going back to it, underlining and learning passages.'” (page 86).

I borrowed Harry Potter Film Wizardry from the library and gave it a flick through. On pages I paused on, I read some things related to special effects and whatnots. Honestly, I wish I didn’t read them. It didn’t traumatize me or anything, but for me, Harry Potter Film Wizardry spills too many beans, tells too many secrets. And I know that is the exact point of this book. But I like believing in the magic and would prefer not to know how it was done.

Still, for super fans of the Harry Potter movies, this book is a must-have. Here’s a page spread preview for The Burrow.

Harry Potter Film Wizardry by Brian Sibley. Hardcover with 160 pages, full color photos and artwork. **Note there are two editions of Harry Potter Film Wizardry: The first edition was published in October 2010, covers the first six movies, and offers a sneak peek to the first-part of the seventh (and last) movie. The revised edition was published in October 2012 and includes all seven movies.


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