Review of Vegetables in Underwear


March 5, 2015 by Beth - I SNIFF BOOKS blog


Author: Jared Chapman

Publisher: Abrams Appleseed, an imprint of ABRAMS

Format: Dust-jacketed hardcover with 40 pages, full color illustrations. Sized 8 x 8 inches. ISBN 978-1419714641.

Publication date: April 7, 2015.

Target age range: 2 – 5 years old

Vegetables in Underwear is a book that will make you and you child(ren) smile and laugh — the art and story are both so fresh and fun. VIU differs from other potty training books in that the story focuses on different types/styles of underwear and what a BIG DEAL it is to wear underwear because BABIES WEAR DIAPERS!

But before we discuss the story, let’s talk book design. The book design for VIU is FANTASTIC — I just love it when authors put as much creative energy and effort into the book design as into the story itself. When you peek under the dust-jacket for VIU, both the front and back covers are quite different — such a fun surprise! And I just swoon for well-designed endpapers in children’s picture books and the ones in VIU are just OVER-THE-TOP terrific! The front endpapers feature the vegetables wearing clothes. The girl vegetables are easy to spot because they are mostly wearing dresses but their HAIR! OMG for the girls’ hair! The leafy green tops are VERY reminiscent of pigtails!!! And the back endpapers show the vegetables in their underwear.

The story begins even before we get to page 1. The inside title page shows Broccoli wearing a t-shirt and shorts. The next two pages (copyright page and dedication page) show Broccoli getting undressed. Then you turn the page and the story officially begins: Broccoli, with his discarded clothes at his side, is wearing red underpants and shouts “UNDERWEAR!” Broccoli (and his fellow vegetable friends) then tells us about all the different kinds of underwear and how underwear is for BIG KIDS, NOT BABIES!

It goes without saying that the art is super fun, super silly, and beautifully bright!

VEGETABLES IN UNDERWEAR is available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Author website for Jared Chapman

Disclosure: I received a complimentary review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. The opinions are my own.


2 thoughts on “Review of Vegetables in Underwear

  1. Hahahaha, I need to get this book for the little ones in my life! Love it! Broccoli in read underwear!!! Thank you for bringing this book to my attention.

    • isniffbooks says:

      Hi goodfriends Amber! Thanks for popping over to my blog to leave a comment! Vegetables in Underwear is so awesome & fun — I hope all the little ones in your life think so too!

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