Review of Scandinavian Folk Patterns

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February 13, 2016 by I SNIFF BOOKS - Beth

cover for scandinavian folk patternsI have to say I am SO EMBARRASSINGLY bad with geography that I don’t even know where the “Scandinavian” region would be on a map. (And yes, I did wonder for a moment if Scandinavia was a country because, yes, my geography skills are THAT bad!) ANYWAY. Google tells me that Denmark, Norway, and Sweden are the countries that make up this region. But THANKFULLY you do not need mad geography skills to enjoy this wonderful coloring book — you just a pack of colored pencils!

I have to say, Scandinavian Folk Patterns totally swept me off my feet. Even though I obviously don’t know anything about the Scandinavian region, I really like that the art in this coloring book is inspired by the people, places, flora and fauna, culture, etc… of a specific geographic region. The book is really big too — the books measures  8.5 x 11.5 inches and has 128 pages! The images are printed on both sides of the page so there are LOTS and LOTS of coloring pages to choose from — both in theme and in level of intricacy.

(You are going to want to slide a blank sheet of paper underneath your coloring page as a preventive measure — the blank paper will “catch” the black ink on the reverse side and prevent it from transferring black pattern marks to the facing coloring page. This is definitely not a criticism of the coloring book — many coloring books, no matter what the price point, sometimes have this issue.)

I’m trying something new with my coloring book reviews so here’s a mostly silent video flip-through the book — but you might hear the pages turning or the washing machine running in the background! You can totally tell that I’m a professional right?! LOL, you can TOTALLY tell that this is the first video-flick through I’ve ever made — it was a bit awkward holding the camera in one hand and flicking-through with the other so some pages got skipped. Perhaps next time, I’ll see if my husband can lend a hand to make the video look a bit more, ahem, less wobbly 😉 If the video doesn’t display below, you can watch it here via vimeo.

Pages colored using a 50-count box of Crayola colored pencils.

Scandinavian Folk Patterns is available for purchase on Barnes & Noble — I’ve also seen it in the store, too. I got really lucky and bought this online from B&N when it happened to be on sale for $4.99! For some reason, this book can only be bought as used on Amazon. (Scandinavian Folk Patterns can be bought on Amazon UK.)

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