Review of Haunted Horror Pre-Code Cover Coloring Book, Volume 1

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March 3, 2016 by Beth - I SNIFF BOOKS blog

cover for haunted horror precode cover coloring book

EEP! Look how scary that cover is for the Haunted Horror Pre-Code Cover Coloring Book edited by Craig Yoe — and it’s extra scary because it’s a “pre-code” comic book. “Pre-code” refers to comics that were published before 1954 — before the Comics Code Authority was established. Despite being a sometimes contributor to the Comics Alternative media outlet, I am no expert in comic history. I’m still such a noob. But long story short (you can read the long version here), seeing an “Approved by the Comics Code Authority” stamp on the cover of a comic book meant that the content had been deemed safe for children to read — there would be no graphic depictions of gore or violence or sexual innuendos.

ANYWAY. My husband has a few favorite coloring books — one of them is The Classic Comic Colouring Book (review here along with some coloring photos from my husband). My husband does like some scary books and movies (I don’t!) so I think he will enjoy this comic-themed coloring book — his birthday is later this month and I plan to gift this to him.

Let’s talk about some of the technical details about Haunted Horror Pre-Code Cover Coloring Book: The book is sized 8 x 11 inches and has sturdy and thick (and scary, too!) front and back covers — the dripping blood on the front cover wraps around to the back. The reverse sides of the front and back covers do not feature full-color thumbnail images of any of the vintage comic book covers. Sometimes it is nice to see the original covers — you can try to be matchy-matchy with the colors or just use the original cover for inspiration for choosing your own color palette.

I only bring this up because the reverse side of the front and back covers for The Classic Comic Coloring Book do have thumbnail cover images — each side has nine full-color vintage comic book covers sized 2 x 3 inches. However, the lack of thumbnails is not a big deal. So many of the comic covers in Haunted Horror Pre-Code Cover Coloring Book are stamped with issue numbers and/or the month — you should be able to find the covers doing a google image search.

Haunted Horror Pre-Code Cover Coloring Book has 64 pages with 31 comic book covers to color. The comic covers have a “white” border around them so no part of the image is lost in the gutter — you will be able to easily maneuver your pencil, pen, or marker over the entire page. The reverse side of each coloring page features a portrait of some kind of horrific creature — most of these are sized around 3 x 5 inches and no two are the same. The pages are also perforated (I’m impressed!) so you can remove your coloring page from the book and proudly hang in up on the fridge or frame it. The paper is of a good quality and a bit thicker than I would have expected for a coloring book with a retail price of $9.99.

Since I am giving this as a gift to my husband, I did not discretely test any of my markers or pens on the paper to check for shadowing and/or bleed through. However, y’all know that colored pencils are always a safe choice to use. The paper is white but it’s not super bright and it’s also is quite smooth and has a nice weight to it.

Here’s a video flick-through of the book — if the video doesn’t embed properly you can view it here via vimeo.


Haunted Horror Pre-Code Cover Coloring Book, Volume 1 is available directly from IDW Publishing, Amazon USA, Amazon UK, and Barnes & Noble. Perhaps IDW has more coloring books planned since this coloring book is volume 1?

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