Press Release for The Mysterious Planets: A Coloring Book by Ai Kohno


May 25, 2016 by Beth - I SNIFF BOOKS blog

cover for the mysterious planets

SQUEE! St Martin’s Press, an imprint of Macmillan, got publishing rights for a Japanese (!!!) coloring book: The Mysterious Planets: A Coloring Book by Ai Kohno. This is *really* exciting — even more so because it seems like Macmillan is actively seeking publishing rights for international coloring books to bring to an American audience. Only just two weeks ago I shared my press release for The Mysterious Library: A Coloring Journey into Fables — a Korean coloring book. And y’all know that Romantic Country: A Fantasy Coloring Book by Eriy (March 2016) was a huge success — the second one releases in December 2016!

BOOK DESCRIPTION: “An imaginative coloring book for all ages that takes readers on a journey to five undiscovered planets.

One day, while gazing at the night sky, a girl who wished she could fly suddenly turned into a beautiful bird. She flapped her wings and took off into the night sky, departing on an odyssey to many mysterious planets: a forest planet, a snowy planet, a flower-filled planet, a planet full of sweets, and a magical planet. Everywhere she goes, she meets the planet’s interesting inhabitants.

Get absorbed in this whimsical coloring book filled with intricate scenes by an emerging talent. Intriguing worlds exist above our heads, and now you can bring them to vibrant life with your colored pencils, or markers.”

**Please note: The cover image above is from the Japanese edition. The publisher hasn’t done a cover reveal yet and the cover for the American edition may differ.**

Connect with artist Ahi Kohno: website, twitter, and instagram

Official book page for Mysterious Planets: A Coloring Book on Macmillan site right here — nothing to see yet 😦

Mysterious Planets: A Coloring Book releases on December 20, 2016 and is available for pre-order on Amazon USA, Amazon UK, and Amazon Canada. At the time of this post, Mysterious Planets is not listed on Barnes & Noble.

Interior page previews: A few Etsy shops carry this book and have shared interior page previews in their listings. Click here to see the search results for “mysterious planets coloring book.”

**edited to add on December 11, 2016: You can see my review for Mysterious Planets right here.** 

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2 thoughts on “Press Release for The Mysterious Planets: A Coloring Book by Ai Kohno

  1. rdrlv says:

    Looks like a nice book, just not my type. But sure there will be many who do appreciate.

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