Review of Classic Comic Coloring Book: Sci-Fi & Horror


June 7, 2016 by I SNIFF BOOKS - Beth

cover for classic comic coloring book sci-fi and horror

The Classic Comic Coloring Book: Sci-Fi & Horror is filled with over 100 vintage sci-fi and horror comic book covers from the 1950s that have been rendered in black and white for coloring!

The coloring book is sized 8.5 x 11 inches with 128 pages — images are printed on both sides of the page. The paper feels nice — it’s more substantial than printer/copier paper yet I have a feeling that gel pens and water-based markers are going to shadow and/or bleed-through. Colored pencils are probably the way to go.

The reverse sides of the front and back covers each feature nine full-color vintage comic book covers sized 2 x 3 inches — you can use these as a guide if you want to be matchy-matchy with the colors. Many of the comic book covers have the month and/or issue number stamped on them so it’s easy to do a google image search to find the cover — I like to do this after I’ve colored a page to see how similar or different mine came out!

It’s interesting to note that the publisher, Michael O’Mara, is based out of London, but the book is primarily composed of American comic covers — the “10 cents” price and Comics Code Authority stamps on the covers give that away. I’m quite curious why more British comic covers weren’t included but perhaps public domain law is different in the UK.

I picked up this coloring book as a surprise gift for my husband but I hope he’ll share it with me! It is so super awesome!

Where to Buy: At the time of this post, The Classic Comic Coloring Book: Sci-Fi & Horror is only listed on Barnes & Noble and not Amazon USA. B&N has it currently priced at $7.18 USD — quite a deal for all the pages to color!

Much to my surprise, this coloring book doesn’t officially release on Amazon UK until June 30 — LOM Arts (an imprint of UK publisher Michael O’Mara Books) is the original publisher for the book and US publisher Metro Books (imprint of Sterling) has reprinting rights so I really don’t know why this book released in the USA first.

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2 thoughts on “Review of Classic Comic Coloring Book: Sci-Fi & Horror

  1. ZombieHorror says:

    Found this today at Barnes & Noble, currently only 5 bucks.

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