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August 11, 2016 by Beth - I SNIFF BOOKS blog

cover for i heart baking colouring

I Heart Baking Colouring is full of all sorts of yummy baked treats to color. There’s cupcakes, cookies, cakes, donuts, and holiday treats — all with piles of frosting, icing, sprinkles, and/or fruit on top. Also included are tea settings, baking utensils, kitchen gear, and other foodstuffs to color.

I love when the publisher crams in as many coloring opportunities for us as they can — the copyright page and the image attributions page can both be colored too!

I Heart Baking Colouring - copyright double-page spread

Book specs: I Heart Baking Colouring is a softcover coloring book with silver foiling accents on the front cover. Baking measures nearly 6 x 6 inches square and has a glue and string binding — the string helps the book’s spine be a bit more flexible so the book can lay more flat when open.

Paper specs: Baking has 128 pages and the paper quality is quite nice for a relatively inexpensive (more on that below) book — it’s white (but not overly bright) and medium-weight. I’m a colored pencil gal so I have not tested to see if water-based pens or markers will shadow or bleed-through.

I Heart Baking Colouring completed coloring page with signature

colored with Crayola colored pencils

Image specs: The images in Baking have been culled from previously published coloring and activity books by Buster Books with additional designs adapted from shutterstock[dot]com.

Because a variety of artists contributed to Baking, there is variety in the artistic style, line thickness, size of objects on the page, and intricacy. There are also a handful of coloring pages that seem a bit out-of-place in a baking-themed coloring book — for example pages featuring a vegetable garden, baskets of Easter eggs, pizza, a “wallpaper” design with pineapples and orange slices, and potted herbs — but the designs are still nice and will be fun to color.

Images are printed on both sides of the page. Just a few of the designs are double-page spreads. None of the designs are borderless — all of the designs have either a thin black border around them or have a bit of white space around the edges.

More about the I Heart Colouring series by UK publisher Buster Books and USA availability: I Heart Baking Colouring is just one of FOURTEEN (!!!) books in the I Heart Colouring collection. You can see all the book in this collection right here on the Buster Books site.

To the best of my knowledge, *only* I Heart Cute Coloring, I Heart Coloring, and I Heart Coloring Flowers have been picked by an US publisher — specifically Price Stern Sloan, an imprint of Penguin Books for Young Readers. Price Stern Sloan will publish I Heart Coloring Cats in October 2016.   

You can read my review for the US edition of I Heart Cute Coloring right here.

Where to buy: I Heart Baking Colouring is available on Amazon UK and Book Depository. I picked up my copy at Book Depository and paid $4.64 USD — and I see now that the price, at the time this post was published, is a wee bit less! I’m still amazed that Book Depository ships for free worldwide — I’m in the USA and this was my second order with them.

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2 thoughts on “Review for I Heart Baking Colouring

  1. Patricia Sundberg says:

    I enjoy your reviews. This is a darling book, and would be something fun to use as a take-along project when going out and about.

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