Review (and a giveaway!) for Lilla Mindfulness målarboken by Swedish Artists Maria Trolle, Kristina Hultkranz, Emelie Lidehäll Öberg, and Maria Ljungeld


August 21, 2016 by Beth - I SNIFF BOOKS blog


lilla mindfulness malarboken

Lilla Mindfulness målarboken is a wee sized coloring book featuring the art from four Swedish artists their coloring books: Maria Trolle (Blomster Mandala), Kristina Hultkranz (Kiss & Tell), Emelie Lidehäll Öberg (Sagolikt), and Maria Ljungeld (Min Mandala). The book is published by Swedish publisher Pagina Förlag. Y’all recognize the artist names! Of course you do! Swedish artists are incredibly popular right now in the adult coloring world!

The book is sized 4.25 x 7 inches (“lilla målarboken” translates to “little coloring book”) with 40 single-sided coloring pages. Each artist has contributed 10 designs from a previously published coloring book — with the exception of Maria Ljungeld, her Min Mandala coloring book releases in Sweden in September. There’s garden and critter imagery from Maria T., all things fashion related from Kristina, fairy tale inspired designs from Emelie, and non-traditional mandalas by Maria L.

The designs in Mindfulness are scaled down versions (either in whole or in part) from the original coloring book designs. Most of the designs scaled down well (like the ones pictured below by Emelie) but there are several that have very tiny details that may be a challenge to color.

The paper in Mindfulness is a bit different from the standard paper (Munken Pure 160 gsm) that Pagina uses in their coloring books. The paper is the same color but lighter in weight.

Below is a silent video flick-through so you can see every charming page. If video does not embed properly, you can watch it right here via vimeo.

Where to buy Lilla Mindfulness målarbokenIt wasn’t until after I received Lilla Mindfulness målarboken to review that I learned that it may be a bit difficult for y’all (at least those in the USA) to get your hands on a copy. And I am really sorry for that.

My contact at Pagina Förlag says that Lilla Mindfulness målarboken is meant to be stocked at retailers with very small shops or at newsstands in railway stations and airports (I assume in Sweden). My contact also said that Pen Store (a retail and online shop in Sweden that ships worldwide) will not be carrying it.

Lilla Mindfulness målarboken is available on Bokus — but while Bokus does ship internationally, they do not ship to the USA. The book is also listed on Adlibris but I cannot find international shipping information on the site although I have “heard” that Adlibris does ship internationally. I also took a quick peek at the artists’ online shops (where applicable) and did not see the book listed.

Where to buy the coloring books featured in Lilla Mindfulness målarboken: Blomster Mandala by Maria Trolle, Kiss & Tell by Kristina Hultkranz, and Sagolikit by Emelie Lidehäll Öberg are all available right now at Pen Store — a retail and online shop in Sweden that ships worldwide. Min Mandala by Maria Ljungeld is also available at Pen Store but it is in pre-order status.

When ordering from Pen Store, Bokus, or Adlibris, be alert and careful as there may be different formats — there are coloring books (Målarbok), Artist Editions (Tavelbok), and postcard collections (Vykort). When in doubt, use google translate to help!

Will any of the coloring books featured in Lilla Mindfulness målarboken be available in the USA? YES! In case you missed the big news, US publisher Gibbs-Smith has gotten reprinting rights for Blomster Mandala by Maria Trolle and Sagolikt by Emelie Lidehäll Öberg. The English editions will release in the USA (and worldwide) in March 2017 — the various Amazon sites will have them available for pre-order in October. You can read more about the acquisition process right here in my exclusive interview with Rachel from Gibbs-Smith. Fingers crossed that Gibbs-Smith adds more Swedish artists to their roster!!

Other books I have reviewed by Swedish artist Maria Trolle: 
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Other books I have reviewed by Swedish artist Emelie Lidehäll Öberg:
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Connect online with your favorite Swedish people 🙂 

Maria Trolle: website | garden-themed blogfacebook | instagram

Kristina Hultkrantz: website | blog | facebook | instagram | twitter

Emelie Lidehäll Öberg: website | blog | facebook | instagram

Maria Ljungeld: website | blog | facebook | instagram | twitter

Swedish publisher Pagina Förlag: websitefacebook | instagram

Disclosure: I received a complimentary review copy from the publisher in exchange for a review. The opinions are my own.

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This is a giveaway for ONE (1) copy of Lilla Mindfulness Målarboken published by Swedish publisher Pagina Förlag. 

Giveaway begins: Sunday, August 21, 2016 at 12:01 am EST
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