Paper Holiday: 20 Easy-to-Make Ornaments by PaperMade

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October 18, 2016 by Beth - I SNIFF BOOKS blog


PAPER HOLIDAY is the newest addition to PaperMade’s paper crafting book collection and contains 20 easy-to-make Christmas paper ornaments. Now I don’t mean to be Grinch-y with my holiday cheer, but I’ve gotta say, after having reviewed two other (really cool) paper crafting books by PaperMade, I’m quite disappointed with Paper Holiday.

For starters, the selection of ornaments is predictable and a bit underwhelming (sorry Santa!). There’s Santa and his Sleigh, ornament balls, a candle, a present, a candy cane, and a snowman, just to name a few. The paper ornament projects just don’t seem nearly as fun or exciting as the projects from the other two PaperMade books I have reviewed, Paper Bots  and Paper Monsters. And I’m still trying to figure out why the Sugarpants the Elf has fangs (?!) and the Holiday Bell has a crack on it like the Liberty Bell.

Secondly, after assembling two of the paper ornaments (Sugarpants the Elf and Snow Globe) I am not pleased with the results — my 3D paper objects look like a hot mess. I’m quite surprised at the (unpleasant) results because I really liked how my paper projects turned out from Paper Bots and Paper Monsters. I feel the two ornaments I assembled had some possible design flaws — both could have benefited from extra tabs and slots placed in strategic areas to prevent gaping holes at the seams/edges. As for the assembly tabs that are specifically designed to “fold in” without being inserted into a corresponding slot, these just don’t really work properly (see top of snow globe).

Thirdly, Paper Holiday is the sixth book in the PaperMade series and I’m surprised that the editors still do not include assembly instructions. For those needing assembly assistance, the book advises crafters to pop over to the PaperMade website and click the HOW TO button. Each book has its own HOW-TO page featuring unique tips and youtube video tutorials for each project. Still, I think the book should be self-contained and include instructions. (**As of 10:15 am EST on October 18, 2016, there are no video tutorials on the How-To page for Paper Holiday.)

Despite my disappointment, there are some positives. Paper Holiday has the same features as the other books in the PaperMade collection. You simply pop out pre-cut and scored components, fold the paper along the indentations, and insert tabs into slots to create 3D paper engineered objects.  And despite the lack of instructions, I did find the assembly process intuitive — after I popped out my pieces, I simply folded along the indentations and then inserted tabs into their corresponding slots.

But ultimately I am sorry to say that I just cannot recommend Paper Holiday due to the issues I had.

However, I do stand by my reviews for Paper Bots and Paper Monsters — I did not have assembly or appearance issues and I still feel both are terrific books.

WHERE TO BUY PAPER HOLIDAY: Amazon USA | Barnes & Noble | directly from publisher

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