Zemlja snova (Land of Dreams) by Croatian artist Tomislav Tomic


October 25, 2016 by I SNIFF BOOKS - Beth


I am so VERY excited to introduce you to Croatian artist Tomislav Tomić and his jaw-droppingly exquisite new coloring book, Zemlja snova (Land of Dreams). I’m even more excited than usual because this is one international coloring book you can get your hands on because Croatian publisher FOKUS na hit has listed Zemlja snova on Amazon USA and Amazon UK!!! (Scroll down to the bottom of my review for updated where-to-buy info.)

Zemlja snova is *the ultimate* fantasy coloring book and opens up with a winged-fairy peeping out through a heavy wooden door. Is she beckoning you inside the gate? Or is she startled to discover that you, a mere human, have found the secret entrance to Zemlja snova? Either way, you are permitted to enter. That opening image is pure perfection — I can totally imagine myself walking through the gate and having the rare privilege of exploring this dreamy and magical land.


And what sights there are to see on your travels through Zemlja snova! There are castles whose spires and towers soar high above the clouds, a dragon with a forest of trees running down his back instead of spikes, two-story mushroom houses with sweet architectural details, a female elf whose pointy ear tapers into a branch with leaves and acorns, ornately dressed elephants with small castles on their backs, a gnarled tree with a face and houses blossoming from his tree top, mermaids swimming toward an underwater castle, a fairy snow queen walking with a bear, a winged horse wearing a tiara, ships at sea harvesting raspberries and strawberries from the sea, and so much more!!

The designs are fairly intricate with thin inky lines. There are so many exquisite details to discover on every page — and as long as you keep your pencil point sharp you’ll have no problem coloring in these smaller elements. The majority of the designs are borderless (meaning the design spans across the entire page all the way up to the edges) but there are some images that have a wee bit of white space around them or a decorative border. You will not find a single wallpaper design or repeating pattern image inside — yay!

Here’s a page that I’m working on using my Polycolor Artists’ Coloured Pencils by Koh-I-Noor. (You can read my review of these terrific pencils right here.)

The book is sized 10 by 10 inches with 80 pages. Images are printed on both sides of medium-weight white paper. The book is glue and string bound and does lay considerably flat when open. However, on many of the double-page spreads it will still prove too tricky to get your pencil into the book’s gutter (center spine) to color. The oversized book flaps and reverse sides of the front and back covers are illustrated — not sure if they are colorable as the card feels a bit slick and glossy to the touch.

Zemlja snova literally took my breath away. It’s an incredibly special and absolutely stunning coloring book. I hope you love it as much as I do if you treat yourself to a copy.

At the time of this post, Amazon USA has Zemlja snova listed for $24 with $3.99 shipping.

At the time of this post, Amazon UK has a list price of £20.00 with £2.80 for UK delivery.

**edited to add on November 9, 2016** Zemlja Snova is no longer available for purchase on Amazon USA or Amazon UK. (this information is directly from the publisher)

Currently, the only place to purchase Zemlja Snova is from online Croatian bookseller Algoritam MK — this is the site the publisher recommends. To translate the page into a language you can understand, look near the upper right hand corner of the page for the drop-down menu where you can select English or another language of your choice. To determine costs, search online to find a currency converter (exchange rate calculator) to convert the Croatian “dollar” (Croatian Kuna) to your country’s currency.

**edited to add on February 24, 2017** Zemlja Snova is currently being reprinted. Algoritam MK is still the only place to purchase a copy of this coloring book. It is yet to be determined if the publisher will offer Zemlja Snova on other international book selling sites. (this information is directly from the publisher)

BIG EXCITING NEWS!!! ***edited to add in August 2017: BIG NEWS!!! A Dutch publisher has gotten reprinting rights for Zemlja Snova and Zemlja Snova is available for pre-order on Book Depository!!! Release date is October 15, 2017.***

Croatian artist Tomislav Tomić does not use social media so you will not find him on facebook, instagram, etc….  He does have a websiteCroatian publisher FOKUS na hit is on facebook.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary book from the publisher. I was not required nor obligated to write a review. The opinions are my own.

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9 thoughts on “Zemlja snova (Land of Dreams) by Croatian artist Tomislav Tomic

  1. Nicole says:

    I just got my copy yesterday from Amazon us. It’s by far one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever seen. I’m really glad I got it!!

    • YAY!!! It *is* such a beautiful book, isn’t it? I am SO glad to hear that you love it too! From what I understand, even though you ordered ZEMLJA SNOVA from Amazon USA, your book still shipped from Croatia, right? Can you tell us how long it took for you to receive your book?

  2. Kim Sikorski says:

    WHERE can I buy THIS book in the USA ??? For some reason Amizon USA IS NOT carrying it anymore ????

    • Kim, Hey there. As I mentioned above in my review, Zemlja Snova is no longer available for purchase on Amazon USA and Amazon UK. It’s a very long and sad story. The only place to buy Zemlja Snova is from Algoritam MK — link above in my review. I hope you can get your hands on a copy soon — best of luck.

  3. Ann Cox says:

    I am so upset that it is no longer available on Amazon. Please can you tell me what the ‘very long and sad story’ is? Is there any possibility it will be on Amazon at a later date? As far as I can see Algoritam want £50 delivery to the UK. Totally ridiculous!!

    • Ann, You are a not alone. Many people are deeply disappointed that Zemlja Snova is no longer available for purchase on Amazon USA or Amazon UK.

      IMHO, it is highly doubtful that the FOKUS (the Croatian publisher) is going to list Zemlja Snova on Amazon again — it just might not even be an option for them anymore.

      And yes, Algoritam MK charges a very high (flat rate) international shipping fee. Folks in the USA who have bought the book have paid around $40 or $43 USD (including shipping).

      Here’s the general email address for FOKUS (it’s public information on their facebook page). Perhaps drop them a note and see if you can get any answers.

      • Ann Cox says:

        Thank you so much for your prompt reply Beth. Oh well, that’s life. As it is I have enough books to last me about 10 years. My husband groans when I get another one. If they were designer handbags at £200 a time, I think he would have reason to groan! Ann

  4. Freda Landrum says:

    Hi, I went to the website but I am having a hard time understanding the price in US dollars for the book. It was like 289,00 in Croatian price. Please help.

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