Crayola Color Escapes Adult Coloring Kits: Americana and Nature

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December 7, 2016 by I SNIFF BOOKS - Beth

I have a new product review to share with you for the Crayola Color Escapes Coloring Kits. Each boxed kit contains 12 coloring pages printed on 11″ x 17″ paper, a pack of the 50-count classic Colored Pencils, and either a 12-count pack of Watercolor Colored Pencils or a 10-count set of Fine Line Markers. There are seven themes: National Parks, Garden, Nature, Kaleidoscopes, Paw Prints, Geometric, and Americana. Today I will showing you the Americana and Nature coloring kits.


First up, is the Americana kit featuring coloring pages with imagery of rural America. There are cows grazing in a field in front of a barn, an old-fashioned looking truck in front of a gas station, an assortment of toys atop a quilt, a storefront for an antique shop, a trio of carousel horses, and more.

The artistic style for the imagery in the Americana kit feature detailed, hand drawings done in a thin and delicate line. The Americana images do have some pre-inked black areas or areas that are heavily shaded but both look really nice — the black areas and shading are a just right special touch and they are not overdone nor do they take away from the beauty of the art.

This kit comes with a 12-count pack of Watercolor Colored Pencils and I never quite got the hang of using them. It’s entirely possible that the problem is with my technique rather than with the pencils — you may recall I had some issues with the Koh-I-Noor Mondeluz Aquarelle pencils — but it seemed that even with just a bit of water the Crayola colored pigment got too washed out. You may have an entirely different experience with the pencils.

Next is the Nature kit featuring coloring pages with animal and nature designs. There are a trio of kitties, a pair of puppies in a basket, an owl with his wings spread, dragonflies grazing over a pond covered in leaves, a butterfly with ornately decorated wings, a parrot on a perch, a horse galloping through the desert, and more.

The artistic style for the imagery in the Nature kit is drastically different from the artistic style in the Americana kit. The nature themed designs feature thick, heavy inky lines and many have pre-inked black areas that cover large areas of the design. To be bluntly honest, I do not care for this artistic style at all.

This is quite a bit awkward to say but I’m just not that smitten with the Crayola Color Escapes Adult Coloring Kits. The price tag, IMHO, is a bit steep ($24.99 but currently on sale for $19.99) and I feel you would get more bang for your buck if you simply bought a pack of the 50-count classic Crayola Colored Pencils and a coloring book of your own choosing — especially if you made your purchase at a retail store like Jo-Ann’s or Hobby Lobby where you can use in-store 30% – 50% off any item coupons.

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WHERE TO BUY: At the time of this post, Crayola offers seven different Color Escapes Adult Coloring Kits — each has a list price of $24.99 but they are currently on sale for $19.99.

The Crayola Color Escapes Adult Coloring Kit: Americana is available right here on the Crayola website.

The Crayola Color Escapes Adult Coloring Kit: Nature is available right here on the Crayola website.

You can subscribe to Crayola’s email list and receive a coupon for 10% off your first order.

Click here to see all the items in Crayola’s Adult Coloring Collection — there are the brand new Color Escapes Premium 72-count colored pencils (which I’ve reviewed and loved), Art with an Edge coloring kits, and more!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Color Escapes Adult Coloring Kit: Americana and Color Escapes Adult Coloring Kit: Nature from the manufacturer. I was not required nor obligated to write a review. The opinions are my own.

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