Colortronic: A Kaleidoscopic Coloring Challenge by Lauren Farnsworth

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June 14, 2017 by Beth - I SNIFF BOOKS blog

Well, hey there, y’all. It’s been several months since I’ve shared a coloring book review and, truth be told, it’s been at least that long since I’ve done any coloring.** Quite the shocking admission from a former reviewer of coloring books, I know. I’m not sure exactly why I stopped coloring for so long (I have some theories) but a couple of weeks ago I was itching to pick up a pencil and start coloring again. I wanted a coloring book that would be easy to dive right into and I got lucky and scooped up a brand new copy of Colortronic: A Kaleidoscopic Coloring Challenge for $5 and some change from an online sale at Barnes & Noble.

I haven’t really ever talked about my anxiety issues here on my blog but there are days when my anxiety is so bad that I have major difficulty making not major decisions. On days like this, Colortronic is perfect because it is a color-by-numbers coloring book and all the color choices have already been made for me. I can just sit down and immediately enjoy the experience of coloring while my anxious mind gets a much needed break from racing around and freaking out.

Colortronic is sized 9 x 11 inches with 64 pages. The book is glue and string bound and lays considerably flat when open. The designs (29 total and all with portrait orientation) are printed single-sided on good quality, medium-weight, perforated, white paper. There are a variety of images to color such as animals, landmarks, and landscapes so you’re sure to find one to suit your mood. The book has two pages filled with full-color thumbnail images that show how each color-by-numbers design will look when you are done coloring.

Each color-by-numbers design has up to 16 colors — yet there are more than 16 colors in the color palette used for all the images. The numbered color key runs vertically down the left side of the page and it will be left behind in the book if you remove the coloring page. I’ve had great success matching up colors using my 72-count set of Crayola Color Escapes Premium Colored Pencils — click here to read my product review of these terrific pencils.

The drawing lines are of a thin thickness and the designs vary in levels of intricacy. Some designs will be much more intricate and full of tiny numbered bits to color while other designs will be composed of larger spaces to fill in, and some designs with have a mix of both small and large parts to color in. After coloring, the numbers will still show through — I like this because I think it lends a fun kitschy vibe to the page.

(**If you’re wondering why I’ve been so quiet on my blog take a peek at this blog post from back in April.)

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Where to buy Colortronic: At the time of this post, the book is no longer at a deep discount, but y’all know prices go up and down so keep checking Barnes & Noble and Amazon USA.

How about y’all? Still coloring strong or taking a long break? Let me know in the comments.

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