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Hi! I’m Beth and I’m a reviewer. I began my blog, I Sniff Books, in February 2014. I receive complimentary books and products in exchange for review. I do not receive monetary compensation for my reviews nor do I use affiliate links — I blog for fun and not for profit.

FTC Regulations: When applicable, reviews will include a disclosure statement stating that I received a complimentary book or product in exchange for review.

Book Format: I only accept physical copies of books. I do not use NetGalley. I do not accept digital advance copies, e-books, or PDF files.

Product Format: I only accept new-in-box product to review — I do not accept slightly used product. Please do not send scented products or products with glitter.

Honest reviews: I give honest reviews based on my own subjective opinion.  I am very careful in selecting books or products myself and/or accepting books or products that are pitched to me. I select and/or accept the items because I think I will very much enjoy them and thus, hopefully, can provide a favorable and glowing review.

However, please be aware, that my acceptance of a book or product does not guarantee a review. Despite careful selection on my part, the content of the book may not be as expected. Or the product may not perform as expected or it may have quality issues. When this happens, no review will be written or I may write an unfavorable review.

Review Times: Please note that review times may vary depending on many factors such as other reviews I have to do, my own personal reading and hobby schedule, life events, and when the item arrives. If you need my review to be up on a certain date or with a certain turn around time, please notify me of any deadline requirements before the item is shipped out.

Where reviews are posted: Book and product reviews are always posted to my blog. I may also submit a star-rating and my review to Barnes & Noble — I cannot guarantee that my review will be accepted and/or will remain permanently on B&N’s site. (Some online retailers, like Amazon, have updated their customer review policy and now prohibit incentivized product reviews and have removed incentivized product reviews from the site.)

Review Items: I do not return any books or products I review — they are compensation for my time and the promotion (whether favorable or unfavorable) you receive from my post. I also do not return any books or products that I do not review due to content, performance, or quality issues.

Unsolicited Items: An unsolicited item is a book or product that I receive that I did not specifically request or agree to accept. Please do not tuck in an extra book(s) or product(s) in a pre-planned shipment or send me random books or products. It is always best to disclose the item(s) to me in advance so I can determine if the item is a good match with my interests. I do not review unsolicited books or products. I do not return unsolicited items — they are donated.

Damaged Items: It is rare but sometimes a book(s) or product(s) will arrive with varying degrees of damage. I do not review damaged items. I do not return damaged items — they are donated.

Review policy created April 2014 and is subject to revision. 


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