Book-ish Musings

For lack of a better term, “book-ish musings” is the term I use to describe my personal essays that eventually come around to talking about a book or books. I’ve put asterisks (**) next to some of my favorite ones.

Where did the rereading magic go?

Change is Coming: Putting the “Books” back in “I Sniff Books”

Fill up your E-reader with books during Christmas in July

**On the grieving process, reading habits, and kangaroos

And this is when mild panic sets in…

My Fangirl Plans Have Went Awry

**My Heart Just Breaks to Pieces on the Second Page

What if Harry Potter can’t fix everything?

This Time The Farewell Is For Real

I’m Running Out of Words

**Books I Have Loved and Lost

Valentine’s Day is for Book Lovers

On Rereading Books

Bookish Anniversary Gifts

Harry Potter Hangover

**When Did Harry Potter Learn to Rap?

Happiness is Harry Potter

Sniff all the Books

Wash Your Hands Before You Read

Resistance is Futile

Don’t Take Away My Pencils

New Books are Way Better Than a New Pair of Shoes

I Could Have Been Reading…

In Which I Belatedly Fall in Love with Harry Potter

**Missing. Have You Seen Me?

Book Borrowing Rules

Just Say No to Book Borrowing Ho’s

Paint Chip Bookmarks


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