Craft & Activity Book Reviews

Color Your Own Origami (Book and Kit) by Tuttle Publishing

Draw Every Day, Draw Every Way (Guided Sketchbook): Sketch, Paint, and Doodle Through One Creative Year by Jennifer Orkin Lewis

New Guide to Coloring by Design Originals

Paper Bots: 20 Easy-to-Make Robots by PaperMade™

Paper Holiday: 20 Easy-to-Make Ornaments by PaperMade™

Paper Monsters: 20 Easy-to-Make Scary Freaks by PaperMade™

Paper Pets: 10 Pets to Pop Out and Play With! by Ruby Taylor and Richard Jewitt

Papertoy Glowbots: 46 Glowing Robots You Can Make Yourself! by Brian Castleforte

A Proust Questionnaire: Discover Your Truest Self in 30 Simple Questions by Joanna Neborsky

Sketch This: Hundreds of Ways to Express Yourself by Erin Burke, Mark Lowery, and Jeff Moores

Year of the Doodle by Dawn DeVries Sokol

23 Ways to be a Great Artist: A step-by-step guide to creating artwork inspired by famous masterpieces written Jennifer McCully and illustrated by Doreen Mulryan

100 Things to Draw With a Circle: Start with a shape; doodle what you see by Sarah Walsh

100 Things to Draw With a Triangle: Start with a shape; doodle what you see by Sarah Walsh

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